Software Engineer, Integration Lead

San Francisco, California, United States · Engineering


We are seeking a Software Engineer to join our Integrated Products team. In this role, you will be the primary technical contact for several enterprise customers. You will work with our Platform Engineering team to deploy EHR-integrated apps tailored to your customers' clinical needs. You will be paired with an AgileMD Customer Success Lead and together you will solve technical challenges, prioritize software development activities, and identify growth opportunities. You will also work with contacts at each customer site to build, test, and integrate services specific to their EHR system. We expect you to own and manage the technical resources needed to deliver high quality software for every doctor, nurse, and care provider at your sites.

Within one month you will:

Within three months you will:

Within six months you will:


First, a few requirements. It's worth noting that as the company grows, we intend to relax these requirements. However, given our current processes, the following are necessary:

We expect that you possess fundamental knowledge about software development received either through academic training, apprenticeship, or self study. We also expect you to demonstrate a history of establishing and pursuing high standards for yourself. You will not find obscure white-board problems, coding tests, or interviewers trying to "score points" by outsmarting you. With that in mind, we are looking for someone who can:

While none of the following are strictly required, having them from the outset will allow you to more quickly and efficiently start managing your own objectives:


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